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Checkout our Beauty Kit for Hands as seen in People Magazine. This kit is especially great for times like now when we use many times a day a Hand Sanitizer which contains 70% alcohol.

Our Philosophy

We know that you care about the ingredients and the quality of the products you buy and put on your skin; and that is also what's most important to us. When you buy skincare or makeup products, don't buy because they have beautiful colors. Also don't buy a product just because it smells good. The most important features of a product are its ingredients, not the marketing of the product. It is also important to consider what country it's made in since some countries have no regulations at all. Don't buy counterfeit products, you don't know what ingredients they contain. Just because a skin care, makeup or any cosmetic product is cheap it does not mean that it's good for your skin. All of our skincare products are Vegan *(excluding some of our makeup products). In France and the European Union, there are over 1,300 ingredients which cannot be used when developing skincare products. For more information about ingredients to avoid, click here:

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Here is the Link 

Our Camille Obadia Beauty organic products are made in Madagascar. They are carefully selected from the wild, protected forest where they have been grown to form a part of this amazing botanical blend. They are USDA Organic & EcoCert certified. EcoCert certifying organic quality and traceability in over 80 countries and they are one of the most difficult organizations in the world to get certified by.

Here is the link

Here is the link

We apply the most rigorous quality standards. Our Products and plants are completely free of synthetic additives.

We guarantee our products to be of natural origins and pure. They have not been treated by chemicals in any way and are organic by nature.

Madagascar is a tropical island off the coast of Africa. It is one of the best places in the world for plants to grow organically with almost no pollution or any kind of nuclear radiation which can spread with the wind and be absorbed into the soil of nearby countries. This contaminates the plants, which destroys their organic purity.

Our organic products made in Madagascar are free of: 

  • GMO

They are USDA organic, EcoCert certified, Cruelty free and 100% Vegan.

A very good source to have information about organic products is:

Organic Insider

We only get mica from a source that uses a third party independent audit for compliance that no person under legal working age is employed.

"As a Lymph Cancer survivor, I developed my own skincare products because I want to give the best to our customers with all my love."- Camille Obadia